Methylation: The Foundation of Perception

Often, endeavouring into the realm of biochemistry can seem a bit daunting for most. Today I'd like to simplify a relatively complex topic in the world of neurobiology and how this particular pathway in the body is the precursor to the biochemical balance in all life forms.

The methylation pathway refers to the addition or subtraction of what are termed methyl groups to particular points along DNA chromosomes in each individual cell. DNA brings into existence any characteristic or aspect of a living organism that we can detail to exist. For example, your hair and eye color, finger length, big toe shape, general body type, personality traits, all have their origins in the expression of DNA. DNA is transduced into RNA which in turn is translated into proteins. These proteins are the structural and functional components which are the fundamental units of these wide array of body and mind characteristics.

The reason I am discussing DNA in this particular topic is the fact that methyl groups control the expression of DNA. Basically, your DNA has an idea, creates a template from this idea through RNA (like a rough draft), and it is finally brought to life in the form of a protein. In a way, a particular gene on a chromosome of your DNA in an eye cell creates the 'idea' for a blue iris cell, converts this idea into a paper layout with further detail (RNA), and then from this blueprint the actual architecture is brought into form (protein). This is what is deemed the molecular dogma of all life.

Thus, methyl groups make or break this 'idea' that your DNA conceives of from coming into form. These methyl groups have the ability to attach to various points along a chromosome and either shut down the idea coming from this particular genetic area or upregulate the idea, or 'finance' the film idea and get it some budget support to make it happen. Without methyl groups running the show nothing would get done. The grandest visionary in the world would have a very rough time if he had no experience in producing or understanding how to even practically go about making his film. This is where the methyls come in.

In this discussion I would like to specifically focus on neurotransmitters, because genes code for certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, adrenaline, GABA, etc. For a person to feel and perceive in a state of balance, this medley of neurotransmitters must be in proper proportion relative to one another or a person may begin to experience feelings ranging from depression, mania, extreme anxiety, bipolarity, etc. But it is important to understand that with improper methylation, these neurotransmitters will be out of balance and chaotic relative to another. Each individual's healthy experience of life truly is dependent upon these methyls. DNA may conceive of the creation of serotonin, the happy NT, but if there are no methyls to turn this gene on it will not be made, or will be made insufficiently. Conversely, if there are too many methyls on the serotonin gene, then too much serotonin is made. Too much of any good thing also becomes an imbalance.

We thus now understand that a clean, healthy subjective perception of life is dependent upon methylation. Truly this is where life begins for each person, for if our perception is muddled then all things around us are seen through the filter of our negative lens. This begs the question: What causes methyl groups in the body to become imbalanced?

Methyl groups are digested from our food supply. Put simply, methyl groups are properly extracted when proper levels of stomach acid exist in the stomach. Methylation is thus dependent upon proper levels of stomach acid. This now begs the question: What depletes stomach acid? Toxicity and unmanaged emotional stress. When I refer to toxicity I refer to unnatural chemicals found in the food supply (which are found in most conventional food sources), genetically modified sources, lead fumes from exhaust in the air, fluoride levels in drinking water, etc. All of these 'products of industrialization' slowly build up in the tissues of the body and inevitably deplete stomach acid.

Stomach acid is not only our first line of defense for neutralizing toxins and pathogenic organisms, it is the foundation for all proper chemistry in the body. Proper ionic balance, pH levels, fluid dynamics, methylation balance, are ALL dependent upon stomach acid levels. An individual can never be truly wholesome if their stomach acid is out of balance. And again, this begins with cleansing toxins from the body and restoring emotional integrity in order to regain stomach acid, and thus heal perception. Everything about our existence is entirely dependent upon our perception of the life around us. Truly, the way we feel is the only true reality, for subjective perception quantumly creates the world for each one of us. Without perception to make sense of the world, there would be no world. Perception is the foundation for self understanding and truly seeing the interconnection and interpenetration of all life. In this way, our biochemistry feeds our spiritual connection and strength.

Whether you are managing depression, anxiety, panic attack disorder, OCD, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. Your path begins with detoxification. Toxicity is truly the only root cause of disease. It simply manifests itself in various ways for each individual person, because we are all unique. Come back into balance and learn how you can heal your perception and restore joy to your life.