Substance P and Chronic Pain

Did you know that the experience of pain is created by something called Substance P in the body? Any pain condition actually has its roots in the synthesis of this substance. If our bodies made no Substance P we would experience very little to no pain at all. Thus the question becomes: What makes Substance P?

INFLAMMATION. Inflammation is the key trigger to the body to make Substance P and thus upregulate our experience of pain, or rather, lower our pain threshold or tolerance. So, then the question becomes: Why am I inflamed?

In any chronic pain condition, there is always chronic inflammation, as explained above. The number one cause of chronic, pointless pain in our bodies is synthetic forms of sugar. I will add to that cause all fake, toxic immitation chemicals in our food supply. For example, a can of seemingly harmless beans may contain any number of different fake sugar derivatives with any number of hidden names. Here are a few examples: high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, grape sugar, corn sugar, corn syrup, the list goes on and on. When you insert synthetic forms of foods that were never meant to be consumed by the body, the immune system does what it does with any unnatural substance that may harm it: inflame to it and get rid of it.

Unfortunately, our bodies can no longer keep up with the constant stream of inflammatory substances entering our body and run haywire. This can manifest as a chronic pain condition, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc. You will notice ALL of these diseases have their roots in inflammation. Every single one of them begins and ends with inflammation as their root cause. For anyone experiencing chronic pain: make sure to eat foods with as few ingredients on the ingredients label as possible. The simpler, the better. If you can find brown rice that is just simply brown rice, the better. Peas that say 'peas' on the label, the better. Anything that you might find with as few ingredients as possible, the better.

'You can detect Truth by its Beauty and its Simplicity.'

Anything with complex names and titles is not Truth. So don't eat it. Use your intellect, use your reasoning, but most importantly listen to your Body. When you eat foods, pay attention to how you feel before and after you eat. Learn to listen to your body, and it will treat you with Respect. When you respect your Body, it will Respect you. A soul in chronic pain is a soul out of harmony with their body.

Finally, stay hydrated. Hydration is key because it helps to flush out toxicity in our systems and keep our lymphatic systems moving. Our lymphatic systems are the Waste Management guys of our bodies. Give them the fuel they need. To conclude, stay HYDRATED, and eat SIMPLER.