Awaken The Healer #1: Our Bodies Mirror Our World

     I want to start off my blog posting series with a  topic that may seem controversial and perhaps difficult to make sense of; I simply ask that you keep an open mind, release yourself to all concepts and to make your own decisions based upon the Truth of your Heart and your Mind. First, I'd like to begin by saying what I am telling you will not be a compartmentalized, separatory approach in which I break down every piece of the body and tell you what can be done for that particular piece. Simply put, this is because every single part of the body affects the entire body. Just as our quantum science has proven that there is absolutely not action, thought, nor feeling that does not have an effect upon the entire Universe in some way, so too it is with our bodies.

     Our bodies mirror our world. If you look at the current systems in place, the violence, greed, corruption, cut-your-throat-to-get-ahead mentality which is virtually the model all countries either live by or aspire to live by, you will realize the exact same drama is taking place within our bodies. Yeast, bacteria, viruses, etc., that at one point served humanity in their symbiotic relationships are now wreaking havoc within our systems. Just as the collective mentality based in material gain as a means for success and our own personal 'truth' is being lived out around us, so too our bodies begin to display this energy. 

     For example, Candida Albicans, long ago alongside man began to innoculate itself within the human body for purposes of providing a home for itself while simultaneously providing man with essential B vitamins and other critical cofactors for biochemical metabolism. As our world began to evolve into mentalities based entirely in applying value to money and getting ahead of the 'competitor', so too yeast began to reflect this phenomena. For example, just as nations in our Earth history have targeted weakness to overtake and control for their own personal benefit, even to this day, our drugs and chemicals that we use to target these organisms in our bodies are creating resistance and further havoc is wrought in return.

     If a nation is bullied and suppressed for long enough, its people will revolt and in their anger do to you as you did to them. For example, as drugs, chemicals, food additives and all manner of toxicity began to find its way into our bodies through a number of hidden agendas on the part of large corporations to make innane amounts of capital, the organisms that once thrived with us began to be depleted and impaired themselves. In this way, they had to learn to evolve to handle the toxicity and use it themselves. However, these organisms began to become disconnected from the whole of the body as the body's system began to consistently be under attack, creating a 'every man for himself' scenario. If you abuse any form for long enough, eventually that karmic energy will visit equal but opposite energy upon the supplier of that abuse, even if the abuser has no idea that they are partaking in the abuse of their own body.

     We live in an age where chemicals proven to cause insane toxicity and horrific diseases are taken off the market, slightly modified, and renamed with an entirely different title. Unknowingly, consumers purchase such products and continuously create low grade inflammation and immune responses to these chemicals, many of which find their way into the tissues and cellular components of the body, causing autoimmune attacks and furthering the disease process. In this way, organisms which at one point were symbiotic with our bodies now become hazardous to our health. To get back to the example I began earlier, Candida Albicans is one such organism. Through unknowing abuse, this yeast had to learn to adapt to these new toxins and use them to survive. However, once the body's immune system became weakened enough by toxins and any number of stressors on physiology, as it sensed the weakness in the body, it began to take over the entire body and use it for its own gain.

     To restore harmony once again to the human body and the organisms that live within it, we cannot declare war upon them. Yeast is not the problem. Bacteria is not the problem. Viruses are not the problem. Yeast only becomes a parasite after decades of being under cannon fire from drugs that attempt to destroy it, chemicals that attempt to destroy it, and toxins that attempt to destroy it. Basically, if you have a healthy immune system and eliminate toxic sludge from the body, yeast becomes your friend. 

     This is where germ theory became one of the greatest dangers to human health in the history of this planet. Germ Theory, without getting specific in regards to the history, basically states that microorganisms, such as bacteria, are the major causes of all illness and disease. Scientists began to realize that many patients who became ill were found to have some form of microorganism in their system. So, logically speaking, it might be a safe assumption to say that disease is thus a cause of the microorganism's presence. However, what Germ Theory failed to realize was that harmful microorganisms cannot live within the body if the body itself is healthy. Basically, if the terrain is strong, negative energy in the form of said bacteria cannot live within the body: no ifs, ands, or buts. But, because this crucial point was missed, drug companies began to create endless amounts of various lethal weaponry to destroy these 'imposters'.

                     The Germ Theory of Disease.

                     The Germ Theory of Disease.

     The world was sold on the idea, and thus began the age of the pharmaceutical industry. Because of this one misinformed concept, our entire world is facing the consequences of super mutant resistant bugs, additional infections from imbalanced immune systems from the drugs themselves, and simply not understanding that the presence of harmful microorganisms had to do with a poor immune system to begin with. To clarify, I do believe there are times for drugs if an infection becomes too serious, but I do want to mention that that whole scenario is even plausible because it was created over decades of declaring war upon our little friends.

     If you attack any life form for long enough eventually it will break. As it is attacked in fear, it will mirror your action and eventually react fearfully in return (this is the definition of world violence). Basically, the evil we see in the world has been created, because energy is neither created nor destroyed. Thus, the imbalances we see in epic proportions within our bodies are not the seeming 'evil', 'vile' creatures' culpability. These mutants have been created by our most sophisticated technology for destruction. Consider human history since the time of Christ, the manipulation, the control, the greed, the extermination of entire races of civilization in the name of domination and ultimately egotistical control. This history is the history of our bodies. As without, so within; As within, so without.