Awaken the Healer #5: How Emotional Stress Creates Disease

In today's post I'd like to harp quite seriously on the effects that chronic, unresolved emotional stress has on the body. This article is dedicated towards showing you the subtle mechanisms behind how a conscious emotional event that is buried and pushed down deep into the subconscious mind has a devastating, gnawing effect on our bodies. I would also like to point out that any time I refer to the mind I am also referring to the body. Thus, when we bury emotional stress deep into our subconscious mind we bury that energy into the tissues of our body. Quantum science shows us that not only are our bodies holographic in nature (meaning every component represents the entire whole infinitely), but so too is the Universe in which we reside. Every single living thing has an effect on everything in the entire Universe. Whether that statement blows your mind too much to the point of disbelief is more up to your acceptance of that fact rather than its credibility. Think of the entire Universe as one giant, throbbing life form of Intelligence in which we are beautiful manifestations or devolvements of that Intelligence.


From basic science we know that energy in our Universe is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply transferred or manifested in a different form. For example, we can take a pot of water and light a flame underneath the pot, infusing heat into the water and thus bringing it to a boil over a short period of time. As the water boils it seemingly reduces in quantity but this is not the case as we all know that the water simply changes form, releasing as gaseous water vapor into the surrounding atmosphere.

Similarly, we can liken this situation to the human body. However, we must first understand that the emotions we experience are energy forms and how these forms can manifest as imbalances in the body if not accounted for. Our quantum science demonstrates to use that everything in our Universe, at some fundamental level, is simply energy. This energy, when broken down enough, eventually reduces to a frequency or sound. Every single atom, molecule, macromolecular structure, etc., in the Universe is inherently an intertwining of sound frequencies that solidify and manifest in our three dimensional world in which we live as some form of objective matter. Emotional experiences actually create frequency shifts in the cellular and DNA matter of our bodies, as demonstrated in quantum experimentation. Thus, since frequency is the root of all energy, emotions are simply energetic experiences of the world around us. In short, when we experience an emotional state, our bodies are resonating at the frequency level of that emotion, or very close to it (since there are other mechanisms energetically at play in the body an emotional experience will bring the body's overall vibratory state close but not entirely to that of the emotional state being experienced). 

Every single cell in our body has its own inherent frequency state. It is now known that different tissues even have their own collective frequency resonances as well. Understanding that every emotion that we currently understand has its own inherent frequency, and that each cell of the body (which is the basic unit of life) has its own frequency, it is clear to see how buried emotional experiences can begin to affect the natural frequencies of the body's tissues. 

Let me provide an example. Let's pretend there is a woman named Susan who is currently 47 years old, but at age 7 suffered the experience of her parents separating. The mother retained primary custody of Susan and both subsequently moved to a new state to start a new life together. At the time, Susan was completely shattered inside by this sudden twist of fate that seemed to wrench her right into a reality she was not ready to face emotionally. She moved with her mother and began her new life but found herself unable to cope with the concept of her parents no longer living together to support her, and thus she buried this voice deep within herself subconsciously in order to protect her fragile state. Years and years passed since this burial and she went about her new life with her head held high. She graduated high school and college with full honors and scholarships, accepted a position at a well to do firm and started a family of her own in her mid 30s. Today, hypothetically, she is in to see me and has revealed to me that two days prior every single muscle in her body is tender to the touch. She also reveals that for 10 years now she has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis of the ankles and wrists.

In Susan's case, she experienced a traumatic emotional event at a young age. The particular emotion she described experiencing was extreme anguish, a negative emotion that has a very low vibratory frequency. Before I continue I will clear one thing. Positive emotional states such as love, hope, gratitude, confidence, etc., all have high vibratory resonances. This is why we refer to someone with positive energy as being vibrant because their vibratory frequency is so high it can literally be felt by those around them. Someone who is suffering from negative energy we might term depressed because, quite simply, their vibratory resonance is quite low or 'depressed' in nature. Back to Susan. This low vibratory anguish state she experienced was buried subconsciously because she was unable to process this emotion at the time considering her need to continue on with her busy young life. Since energy is neither created nor destroyed this emotional energy stored itself in the tissues of her body. Since anguish relates very closely with the lung meridian of the body, and this meridian runs down through the hands, this energy began to create blockages and stagnation in this meridian. Think of a river. Whenever there is stagnation in a river the waves begin to become choppy and not in sync. Our bodies have massive rivers termed meridians that simply move energy from one points to another, as rivers move water in the form of waves.

Meridians cross joints and joints are very similar to nodal points or pocket areas in the energy system. Since the body would rather dispose of stagnant energy in a joint as opposed to something more crucial like an organ, the body intelligently disposes this stagnant anguish energy into the wrist joints (as the lung meridian runs over the wrist) and creates an inflammatory event. This inflammatory event we then call rheumatoid arthritis and promptly place such individuals on drugs that destroy the immune system in order to manage it. In addition, since higher emotions are expansile in quality and lower emotions are constricting in quality, negative energy moves downward and will manifest itself in the hips, legs, feet, etc. As Susan had not recognized or come to terms with thus energy for 40 years, this energy has been looping around in her body chaotically and throwing off natural energy resonances inherent to the body for four decades. This is how emotional energy can create disease.

Now, as with every post I create I also aim to provide the reader with information they can begin to use immediately for their own unique health situation. The forehead contains the master emotional points of the body, and there are two both centered in the middle of the forehead one directly over each eye. Stimulation of these points will calm nerves and reset emotional energy in the body. Consider what a person normally does when confronted with a stressful situation, such as a car accident. The person's hand immediately goes to their forehead. This is one example of how our bodies subconsciously perform tasks for us in our every day life to help us cope with emotional stress. So, stimulation of these points daily is critical to managing emotional stress. In addition, there are two energy points just below the knee on the outside of the shin called Stomach 36 points. Move around this area on both legs and you will find a very tender spot. Stimulate these points in addition every single day, morning being the best time. If you utilize these two approaches I have shown you you are on your way toward eliminating emotional baggage that is interfering with your body's natural resonant state of Beauty.