Awaken the Healer #6: Your Body Is A Wonderland (When Your Stomach is Working)

We've all heard the lyrics to John Mayer's 'Your Body is a Wonderland'. While in his case this message may be a little bit more deliberately attending to sexual attraction of another, my intent in using this particular phrase is to awaken you the power that lies within your body. Our bodies truly are magical wonderlands of ceaseless activity. However, if our bodies are so magical after all, why do we rarely, if ever, feel magical?

Do you want to know what makes the body a joyous wonderland of never ending happy feelings? The stomach. I will harp on this primary organ in many many posts to come. The stomach is at the very core of our physiology and at the same time it is also the number one, by far, no ifs ands or buts the most suppressed organ in our entire bodies. Consider the fact that the stomach partakes mainly in the process of digestion, providing the majority of nutrients we receive from our diet to the remaining organs and that it is the first line of defense of the immune system and is now known to be a huge part of the nervous system / psychology of a person.

The stomach naturally produces an extremely potent acid called hydrochloric acid. It's the stuff we were told to stay away from at all costs in high school chemistry class and to basically shower yourself for hours if you happened to come into contact in any manner. If you have ever experienced a hydrochloric acid exposure you are quite aware of its potency. There is a reason for this. Since we understand that the body has innate intelligence, all functions and design therefore serve a higher purpose. Thus the question begs, why would the stomach create such a corrosive acid? Moreover, right in the middle of a sensitive organ like the stomach! Hydrochloric acid is created by the stomach first and foremost for proper digestion of food, particularly proteins. In addition, it acts as an antiseptic to any possible contamination in food, essentially neutralizing any unfriendly organisms that might find their way into our food supply.

In addition, the stomach has an incredible number of neural connections that actually makes it a 'brain' of its own. It releases all sorts of neurotransmitters as found in the actual brain and even has specific cells that store them. It particularly carries a high number of cells that secrete the happy neurotransmitter serotonin. Whenever you're feeling A O.K. you've can be sure serotonin is pumping around somewhere in the body. The point I'm trying to make is when your stomach is happy you can be nothing other than happy. Every system that we know of has its roots in the stomach: the digestive, immune, nervous, circulatory, etc. Even blood sugar begins its regulation process by the stomach. So, clearly since we have a population of unhappy people we must also have a population of unhappy stomachs. What makes a stomach unhappy?

First and foremost, emotional stress. We've all heard how emotional stress can wreak havoc on the body, but emotional stress is literally energy that will sit like a parasite in the body until it is accounted for. Have you ever seen someone break down into a fit of tears after finally allowing themselves to feel the loss of a tragedy or trauma sometimes decades in the past? This is the body's way of finally contorting and twisting out of the prison this emotion had held it in for so long. The stomach is the organ most affected by emotional stress. Have you ever heard of someone feeling the need to vomit when they are nervous or scared? In addition, in almost every seizure case the person prior to the seizure event had a build up of an incredible amount of stress. In this case, their seizure was exactly what they needed. The seizure itself may have seemed scary, but it no event is it the problem. This is why most who suffer from seizures feel better after a seizures. The real issues are the stressors leading to the seizure. Synthetic chemicals and additives that we find in food, drugs, smoking, heavy metal toxins from our tap water supplies and toothpaste, petrochemicals in the air we breathe, etc. (the list goes on for quite some time but I will spare you). Most of these chemicals go to the stomach first. The few that do not store themselves in the lungs, and the lungs actually perform the great task of carrying toxicity out of the stomach.

So, what we are dealing with currently is a population of individuals who have stomachs that work hardly at all. The people you hear of in the media that die of bacterially contaminated food batches are people who make no stomach acid. Remember, stomach acid kills anything it comes into contact with, and bacteria are certainly living things. Our culture, more than any other health issues in the body, is suffering from incredibly inefficient stomachs. That would be the global diagnosis I would give if I were asked to do so. We are seeing a generation of individuals who are living longer, yes, but the quality of life is incredibly compromised. I see people as they reach their 70s and 80s on 8-9 different medications to combat side effect after side effect of other drugs they are currently on. For the most part, over consumption of pharmaceutical drugs deplete stomach acid and put an incredible amount of strain on the liver, your body's detoxification machine. We have a population, thus, of inefficient, toxic stomachs. So Reid, what can we do about it?

Four Major Tips for Raising Stomach Function (i.e. Boosting your immune system, nervous system, digestive system, etc.)

  1. Stimulate ST-36 points on both legs. I have posted a picture to help you find where these points are. Since the stomach meridian is most active from 7-9 am, try to rub these points for a few minutes each early in the morning. By doing so you are releasing emotional and physical toxicity from the stomach. Since the stomach meridian runs down the legs and into the feet, make sure to stretch your legs before or after you stimulate the points in order to open up the meridian channels to let out the energy you just released. Grounding outside for a few minutes after this procedure will also help as the Earth's natural inward gravitational pull will expedite the process of energetic detoxification into the feet.
  2. Drink a quality water source throughout the day, preferably distilled water. This will help to pull out the physical toxins your are releasing from your ST-36 point stimulation.
  3. The meridians are the energy lymphatics of the body. The only way to move lymphatics is to move your body. Make some sort of cardio routine a priority every single day to move those meridians and get that toxicity out of your stomach.
  4. Drink about 1-2 teaspoons of sunflower seed or wheat germ oil every single morning upon awaking and before bed on an empty stomach. This will help to heal the stomach lining and calm inflammation from years of toxic load.