Awaken the Healer #3: Low Back Pain

Out of all of the conditions that I work with, ranging from autoimmune conditions to allergies to traumatic injuries, often the most difficult to treat is low back pain. The reason for this is actually largely more complex than we give the body, considering our conventional approach to body wisdom is that it simply does not exist.

As you read this post, consider that your body is composed of trillions of cells, each with hundreds of thousands of components performing a seemingly infinite amount of tasks all at the same time. Your heart beats roughly 60-100 times per minute (for a relatively healthy individual), and each one of these beats requires an incredibly complex mechanism of ionic sodium and potassium transport and particular electric voltage gated channels to depolarize and create a current down through the heart musculature strong enough to create a contraction. Just as the we would all burn to death if the sun were moved a few hundred feet closer to the Earth, the human body would instantly shut down if this complex heart beat process was not fully functional literally every second of our existence. And this is merely ONE example. The point I am trying to make here is that your body is incredibly complex and thus, if it functions without any conscious external input to drive it, must intrinsically have a highly advanced wisdom or intelligence that animates it.

Thus, since the body is so wildly complex and intricate, the way that symptoms are viewed can be extremely dangerous if viewed inappropriately. Generally, the conventional / pharmaceutical ideology vs. holistic body wisdom ideology rests upon one tenet and one tenet only: that the body has the ability to heal itself. Thus, if you tend to believe that the body has its own ability to heal, naturally you view the body with respect and thus see symptoms as the body's attempt to communicate illness. This previous line is incredibly important to understand and to reflect upon. When you truly understand it then you have shifted your perspective towards one of delicate and infinite respect for the vessel you inhabit. On the opposite side of the coin, viewing the body as not being able to heal itself thus leads the individual holding this belief to one conclusion as far as symptoms go: symptoms are mistakes that must be masked or repressed. By this thought process, subconsciously the body simply cannot be viewed with the respect that it deserves.

This leads now into the treatment aspect of a particular symptom presentation. Conventional medicine, believing the body to intrinsically make mistakes, now assumes the role of playing the intelligence that already exists in the body. Thus, they play God, if you'd like to call it that. Naturally then, viewing the body from this point of view, our science to determine the issues and our treatments to correct the problems become incredibly complex. Health now becomes determining the cure for that particular gene receptor and promoter region or affecting particular ionic pumps and specific cell types (I will discontinue this line of thought for the sake of brevity), and so on. However, viewing the body as having wisdom puts the practitioner in a whole different context. Naturally then, he or she will focus on determining the causes of imbalance in the body and simply release those imbalances. Along this line, the body then will begin to heal itself. Basically, the term healer then isn't really accurate. A better term would be initiator because the body really is the healer all along.

On to low back pain, as I'm sure you as began to read through this article you wondered where the information labeled in the title of the article was. Now that we have a better view of the body as intelligent, that it does not make mistakes but compensates, we can now talk about a symptom like low back pain and discuss it from a communications perspective. Since all symptoms are the body's attempt at communication about an imbalance somewhere in the body, low back pain must be a communication on behalf of the body for some reason or other. Often times low back pain can be as simple as going to lift a heavy object and physically straining your lower back or paraspinal muscles, which usually do well to rest and simply the issue will work itself out (adjustments and manipulation to the areas of strain would also do good). However, consider the fact that our top diagnosed diseases in this country relate to the cardiovascular system. Heart disease, diabetes, even cancer is shown to have relation to the inflammation of the cardiovascular system. 

Low back pain in many cases is due to the fact that the body will intelligently place pain into the lower back area to reduce an individual from overexerting themselves. This is a phenomenon in which the body would rather put itself into pain instead of risking overexertion on the part of the individual and leading to a heart attack or stroke. Thus, the body intelligently placed the symptom of low back pain there. When you determine that a person has a diet high in refined sugars and garbage to the cardiovascular system and couple that with low back pain of no traumatic origin, you more than likely have this situation. Imagine the danger now of taking medicine that simply will mask the symptom of pain and now you have nothing to stop you from running yourself into problems (literally).

This is one example of many in which we all truly need to understand that our bodies are intelligent. If this was truly understood to be the case, only in the rarest of circumstances would we even consider taking medication that alleviates the pain or symptom signal and not address the cause. When symptoms are masked in this way it is virtually the same as telling your body to shut its trap. And since energy is neither created nor destroyed, as we all know from those fun physics classes we had to sit through, the body will simply have to put the energy of the problem that is not being addressed somewhere else and further layer on issues like an onion. An onion is a good example of a person truly healing themselves layer by layer. The more you cut through the layers the more likely we are to shed tears, as our bodies cry the tears our eyes refuse to shed. Treat your body with respect and it will respect you.

The Body Weeps the Tears the Eyes Refuse to Shed.

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