Awaken the Healer #4: A New Healing Perspective

Once again, YOUR BODY IS SO FREAKING COOL. It is a divine machine full of infinite potential. Think of healing in this way:

Picture your entire body as Light. Then imagine that in every single thing that you do throughout your day that this Light is seamlessly whole with your physical body, which is what we are able to see. Every single imbalance, whether it be structural, emotional, ya da ya da, manifests as a darkened spot in this Light body and prevents you from fully embodying this vibrant potential. In effect, each imbalance proportionally reduces your ability to live in the NOWness of your life. As these imbalances are made aware and removed, the corresponding darkened area will now be filled with Light. In this way you are re-constructing your Light body. This Light holds all the records, memory, past, present, future, all instructions for every single cell and process in your body RIGHT NOW. Imagine how miraculous it is when this Lightness is working in FULL POTENTIAL without restriction. This is what healing is. Healing is releasing repressed Divinity ALREADY INSIDE YOU.

Please spread my message of empowerment if these words speak to you, especially for those in search of their answers to health, to those who spend many arduous nights accepting and living with pain that they have been trained to accept due to lack of knowledge and education about the true inner workings of their own human body. Slave no more to your ship. A true Captain knows better than anyone on Earth his ship, his conduit for his journey. Be your own Captain and rediscover your Potential.