Awaken the Healer #2: What is Chiropractic?

Simply put, chiropractic is an ancient healing art form lost to antiquity and has nearly completely been either forgotten in regards to its original contextual purpose or completely misunderstood. The word chiropractic actually means 'healing by the hands', and works under one primary goal: If I have a diseased person standing in front of me, and I have nothing but myself and my two hands, how much can I do for this individual? In its most original sense, chiropractic works to remove blockages or imbalances from the body. The human body can accumulate imbalances from any number of causes, but fall within three categories: Structural imbalance, Emotional imbalance, and Nutritional imbalance. In addition, any number of these categorical imbalances can affect each other. For example, since emotions manifest in the body as energy frequencies, and energy is neither created nor destroyed, negative emotional energy might manifest in the body as a tender knot in the lower back. This tender knot will eventually lead to tight musculature in the area and actually may induce a spinal imbalance in the lumbar spine. This person now has developed a low back pain issue relating originally to an emotional event that was not processed and thus led to further damage down the road. Thus, it may seem necessary to simply adjust the lumbar spine but the issue will return since the emotional energy was not addressed. Chiropractic seeks to eliminate all imbalances as they relate to human health and thus clearing emotional energy is intrinsically part of it.

The human body has various energy pathways and meridians that connect each and every seemingly individual part to every other part and thus integrating it communicatively into one great Whole. Major meridians lie along joint surfaces and thus, adjustments to selected joints will have particular effects upon organ systems, muscles, nerves, and fascia as they relate to the energy meridians the joint is related to. Utilizing muscle testing can help one understand where imbalances are but, more importantly, where root causes of imbalance are. As in the example stated earlier, I may find L4 to be imbalanced and seek to adjust that joint but muscle testing would clue me in to the fact that it would be necessary to clear the emotional energy locking the lower back muscles causing L4 to be in imbalance. Thus, muscle testing allows one to detect true imbalances quickly and efficiently. Without it, finding root causes to any issue can become quite mind numbing and complex.

An adjustment not only releases tightened energy but also helps to establish normal neurological and energetic communication throughout the body. Without proper communication, the body simply cannot function at an optimal level. It's like hoping an original message will be received intact and unchanged by a final receiver transmitted from messenger to messenger who all speak a different language. It will become very difficult to communicate a true, unadulterated message from one part of the body to the other if resistances to these messages exist in the form of blockages noted earlier. This is how chiropractic and kinesiology (the art of muscle testing) seamlessly work together in harmony to determine root causes of imbalance, and to clear as much blockage as possible with very little to no tools at all. It's pretty neat to consider that your body has the ability to heal itself and the tools to that healing already exist inside you! It simply requires an individual with knowledge of how the body functions and communicates. That is chiropractic in a nutshell, with a kinesiological flavoring for better efficiency.

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Remember, Within You, A Great Healer Awaits.