Trauma and Disease

Trauma of any kind, whether it be physical or mental/emotional, can be devastating to the health of a person. Here is the mechanism in which traumas manifest themselves within the body and result in its drastic reduction in vitality and function.

The body has many systems, such as the nervous, immune, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, and reproductive systems (there are more, but I will spare you!). However, the body also operates by electromagnetic systems, and meridians (if you are familiar with acupuncture) exist in this system of the human body. For example, the stomach meridian begins just below the eye, travels down to the jaw and curls up to the side of the head, and then continues down the neck, chest, torso, genital area, down the legs and finally finishes its run on the second toe. This meridian is actually a one way flow of electromagnetic energy that in fact has been measured by equipment that has the capability measure such flow.

Fig 1. Stomach meridian

Fig 1. Stomach meridian

Each major organ of the body has its respective meridian and when these meridians are flowing properly, like a river without stony blockage, their organs function quite well. However, when a blockage in the flow of the meridian arises, turbulence and imbalance is created in the associated organ (think of a river with a large rock in the center, it disrupts the flow). It is similar to a circuit, in which electromagnetic energy in the form of electricity flows through the circuit, hopefully uninhibited. This flow meets resistance, and in the human body this resistance is determined by the fascial (thin fat layer in which the meridians course) tension. Fascial tension increases when we have toxins in our body, emotional stressors and trauma patterns. Thus, meridian flow is inhibited by all of these culprits, therefore reducing respective organ vitality and the overall health of the person.

Physical trauma, such as a broken leg, creates an imbalance in the area in which the leg was broken temporarily until the bone heals. During this time, meridians that run near the area of injury may be affected. For example, the stomach meridian runs just outside the front of the tibia or shin bone, and when this bone is broken it often times has negative consequences for stomach function as the trauma interferes with stomach flow. However, if proper healing capability is not present at the time of trauma, particularly strong kidney function and proper nutritional balance, the area will never fully heal even after it seems as if it has healed. The bone may heal in a few months, but the stomach meridian may still remain affected and have a stone blocking its flow.

Fig 2. Electromagnetic flow

Fig 2. Electromagnetic flow

In such a case, the body holds onto this trauma and it is never fully released, even though it seems that it has. Remember, the body compensates so it may seem questionable why this would be hidden but the body evolves with our hectic lifestyles. Thus, a person may have indigestion 20 years down the road from a broken leg that never fully healed because the meridian is still not truly in balance. In such cases, electromagnetic healing tools such as magnets, lasers, and specific types of stones can help restore function to the meridian that is out of balance. 

Long lasting, chronic, and stubborn symptoms are often due to old traumas that have not fully been released. 

Did You Know? #2

The cranial bones of the skull are all interconnected by longitudinal joints called sutures (think of the soft spot on a baby's head). These delicate interfaces between bones are actually designed to move slightly as one breathes. Just beneath these bones lies a network of fluid called cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF, that ensheathes the brain and provides nutrition and shock absorber support to the nervous system. Thus, the importance of breathing properly becomes quite transparent when this mechanisms is well understood. People tend to stop breathing adequately when they are under stress. Since the world in which we live today is littered with stressors, most individuals are not breathing properly throughout the day, which is difficult to notice because we rarely even think of our breathing since it is such a subconscious process.

When our breathing becomes shallow due to stress throughout the day, the cranial bones begin to 'breathe' less and less and tensions are created along the cranial joint or suture lines. This is similar to a fault line on the Earth that creates an earthquake when there is enough tension in it. As these bones begin to move less and less, the underlying CSF begins to become hampered as well, interfering with proper brain nourishment, function and support. Many headaches are the result of cranial tension from lack of breathing as well. This whole nasty chain of events started with lack of proper breathing.

Throughout your day, stop yourself and ask, 'Do I feel I am breathing in the best way that I can for my body?' Focus on bringing your breath deep down into your diaphragm and making your breaths a bit longer if you find you are breathing little. Each person is different, and thus the best judge of what breathing is best for you is you

Did You Know? #1

Atlas, or C1 as some of you may know it by, is the uppermost bone of your cervical spine. It is somewhat shaped like a football and is designed in such a way that it has the ability to support and cradle the cranium (skull) while simultaneously able to freely rotate the neck left and right without tension. C1 is incredibly critical to the body because it not only is the interface between the skull (which houses the brain) and the rest of the entire nervous system (via the spinal cord), but also because the vagus nerve runs on either side of it.

The vagus nerve, or cranial nerve 10, provides neural input to nearly all of the organs of the body, particularly the digestive organs. It is parasympathetic in nature, meaning it is part of our rest and digest relaxation nervous system. Therefore, when the nerve is flowing freely and thus communicating uninhibited with the organs of the digestive system, it creates a state of relative tranquility and ease within the body. This manifests as feeling relaxed, calm, etc. It also improves digestive function, which is the most crucial system of the body as all other parts of the body are first and foremost dependent upon it for nutrition and sustenance.


Thus, having your C1 regularly adjusted is extremely important to your ability to 'calm your nerves' and to also improve digestive function. Chronic emotional stress actually begins to create misalignment of C1, and C1 is known to relate to chronic tension headaches, TMJ problems, digestive issues, you name it! It is named atlas for a reason because, just like Atlas in the Greek myths, it literally holds up the world (the head). Any small imbalance of this bone can cause all sorts of compensations and pain patterns throughout the body. Sometimes a low back pain problem can be a C1 imbalance!

Methylation: The Foundation of Perception

Often, endeavouring into the realm of biochemistry can seem a bit daunting for most. Today I'd like to simplify a relatively complex topic in the world of neurobiology and how this particular pathway in the body is the precursor to the biochemical balance in all life forms.

The methylation pathway refers to the addition or subtraction of what are termed methyl groups to particular points along DNA chromosomes in each individual cell. DNA brings into existence any characteristic or aspect of a living organism that we can detail to exist. For example, your hair and eye color, finger length, big toe shape, general body type, personality traits, all have their origins in the expression of DNA. DNA is transduced into RNA which in turn is translated into proteins. These proteins are the structural and functional components which are the fundamental units of these wide array of body and mind characteristics.

The reason I am discussing DNA in this particular topic is the fact that methyl groups control the expression of DNA. Basically, your DNA has an idea, creates a template from this idea through RNA (like a rough draft), and it is finally brought to life in the form of a protein. In a way, a particular gene on a chromosome of your DNA in an eye cell creates the 'idea' for a blue iris cell, converts this idea into a paper layout with further detail (RNA), and then from this blueprint the actual architecture is brought into form (protein). This is what is deemed the molecular dogma of all life.

Thus, methyl groups make or break this 'idea' that your DNA conceives of from coming into form. These methyl groups have the ability to attach to various points along a chromosome and either shut down the idea coming from this particular genetic area or upregulate the idea, or 'finance' the film idea and get it some budget support to make it happen. Without methyl groups running the show nothing would get done. The grandest visionary in the world would have a very rough time if he had no experience in producing or understanding how to even practically go about making his film. This is where the methyls come in.

In this discussion I would like to specifically focus on neurotransmitters, because genes code for certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, adrenaline, GABA, etc. For a person to feel and perceive in a state of balance, this medley of neurotransmitters must be in proper proportion relative to one another or a person may begin to experience feelings ranging from depression, mania, extreme anxiety, bipolarity, etc. But it is important to understand that with improper methylation, these neurotransmitters will be out of balance and chaotic relative to another. Each individual's healthy experience of life truly is dependent upon these methyls. DNA may conceive of the creation of serotonin, the happy NT, but if there are no methyls to turn this gene on it will not be made, or will be made insufficiently. Conversely, if there are too many methyls on the serotonin gene, then too much serotonin is made. Too much of any good thing also becomes an imbalance.

We thus now understand that a clean, healthy subjective perception of life is dependent upon methylation. Truly this is where life begins for each person, for if our perception is muddled then all things around us are seen through the filter of our negative lens. This begs the question: What causes methyl groups in the body to become imbalanced?

Methyl groups are digested from our food supply. Put simply, methyl groups are properly extracted when proper levels of stomach acid exist in the stomach. Methylation is thus dependent upon proper levels of stomach acid. This now begs the question: What depletes stomach acid? Toxicity and unmanaged emotional stress. When I refer to toxicity I refer to unnatural chemicals found in the food supply (which are found in most conventional food sources), genetically modified sources, lead fumes from exhaust in the air, fluoride levels in drinking water, etc. All of these 'products of industrialization' slowly build up in the tissues of the body and inevitably deplete stomach acid.

Stomach acid is not only our first line of defense for neutralizing toxins and pathogenic organisms, it is the foundation for all proper chemistry in the body. Proper ionic balance, pH levels, fluid dynamics, methylation balance, are ALL dependent upon stomach acid levels. An individual can never be truly wholesome if their stomach acid is out of balance. And again, this begins with cleansing toxins from the body and restoring emotional integrity in order to regain stomach acid, and thus heal perception. Everything about our existence is entirely dependent upon our perception of the life around us. Truly, the way we feel is the only true reality, for subjective perception quantumly creates the world for each one of us. Without perception to make sense of the world, there would be no world. Perception is the foundation for self understanding and truly seeing the interconnection and interpenetration of all life. In this way, our biochemistry feeds our spiritual connection and strength.

Whether you are managing depression, anxiety, panic attack disorder, OCD, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. Your path begins with detoxification. Toxicity is truly the only root cause of disease. It simply manifests itself in various ways for each individual person, because we are all unique. Come back into balance and learn how you can heal your perception and restore joy to your life.

Substance P and Chronic Pain

Did you know that the experience of pain is created by something called Substance P in the body? Any pain condition actually has its roots in the synthesis of this substance. If our bodies made no Substance P we would experience very little to no pain at all. Thus the question becomes: What makes Substance P?

INFLAMMATION. Inflammation is the key trigger to the body to make Substance P and thus upregulate our experience of pain, or rather, lower our pain threshold or tolerance. So, then the question becomes: Why am I inflamed?

In any chronic pain condition, there is always chronic inflammation, as explained above. The number one cause of chronic, pointless pain in our bodies is synthetic forms of sugar. I will add to that cause all fake, toxic immitation chemicals in our food supply. For example, a can of seemingly harmless beans may contain any number of different fake sugar derivatives with any number of hidden names. Here are a few examples: high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, grape sugar, corn sugar, corn syrup, the list goes on and on. When you insert synthetic forms of foods that were never meant to be consumed by the body, the immune system does what it does with any unnatural substance that may harm it: inflame to it and get rid of it.

Unfortunately, our bodies can no longer keep up with the constant stream of inflammatory substances entering our body and run haywire. This can manifest as a chronic pain condition, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc. You will notice ALL of these diseases have their roots in inflammation. Every single one of them begins and ends with inflammation as their root cause. For anyone experiencing chronic pain: make sure to eat foods with as few ingredients on the ingredients label as possible. The simpler, the better. If you can find brown rice that is just simply brown rice, the better. Peas that say 'peas' on the label, the better. Anything that you might find with as few ingredients as possible, the better.

'You can detect Truth by its Beauty and its Simplicity.'

Anything with complex names and titles is not Truth. So don't eat it. Use your intellect, use your reasoning, but most importantly listen to your Body. When you eat foods, pay attention to how you feel before and after you eat. Learn to listen to your body, and it will treat you with Respect. When you respect your Body, it will Respect you. A soul in chronic pain is a soul out of harmony with their body.

Finally, stay hydrated. Hydration is key because it helps to flush out toxicity in our systems and keep our lymphatic systems moving. Our lymphatic systems are the Waste Management guys of our bodies. Give them the fuel they need. To conclude, stay HYDRATED, and eat SIMPLER.

Awaken the Healer #6: Your Body Is A Wonderland (When Your Stomach is Working)

We've all heard the lyrics to John Mayer's 'Your Body is a Wonderland'. While in his case this message may be a little bit more deliberately attending to sexual attraction of another, my intent in using this particular phrase is to awaken you the power that lies within your body. Our bodies truly are magical wonderlands of ceaseless activity. However, if our bodies are so magical after all, why do we rarely, if ever, feel magical?

Do you want to know what makes the body a joyous wonderland of never ending happy feelings? The stomach. I will harp on this primary organ in many many posts to come. The stomach is at the very core of our physiology and at the same time it is also the number one, by far, no ifs ands or buts the most suppressed organ in our entire bodies. Consider the fact that the stomach partakes mainly in the process of digestion, providing the majority of nutrients we receive from our diet to the remaining organs and that it is the first line of defense of the immune system and is now known to be a huge part of the nervous system / psychology of a person.

The stomach naturally produces an extremely potent acid called hydrochloric acid. It's the stuff we were told to stay away from at all costs in high school chemistry class and to basically shower yourself for hours if you happened to come into contact in any manner. If you have ever experienced a hydrochloric acid exposure you are quite aware of its potency. There is a reason for this. Since we understand that the body has innate intelligence, all functions and design therefore serve a higher purpose. Thus the question begs, why would the stomach create such a corrosive acid? Moreover, right in the middle of a sensitive organ like the stomach! Hydrochloric acid is created by the stomach first and foremost for proper digestion of food, particularly proteins. In addition, it acts as an antiseptic to any possible contamination in food, essentially neutralizing any unfriendly organisms that might find their way into our food supply.

In addition, the stomach has an incredible number of neural connections that actually makes it a 'brain' of its own. It releases all sorts of neurotransmitters as found in the actual brain and even has specific cells that store them. It particularly carries a high number of cells that secrete the happy neurotransmitter serotonin. Whenever you're feeling A O.K. you've can be sure serotonin is pumping around somewhere in the body. The point I'm trying to make is when your stomach is happy you can be nothing other than happy. Every system that we know of has its roots in the stomach: the digestive, immune, nervous, circulatory, etc. Even blood sugar begins its regulation process by the stomach. So, clearly since we have a population of unhappy people we must also have a population of unhappy stomachs. What makes a stomach unhappy?

First and foremost, emotional stress. We've all heard how emotional stress can wreak havoc on the body, but emotional stress is literally energy that will sit like a parasite in the body until it is accounted for. Have you ever seen someone break down into a fit of tears after finally allowing themselves to feel the loss of a tragedy or trauma sometimes decades in the past? This is the body's way of finally contorting and twisting out of the prison this emotion had held it in for so long. The stomach is the organ most affected by emotional stress. Have you ever heard of someone feeling the need to vomit when they are nervous or scared? In addition, in almost every seizure case the person prior to the seizure event had a build up of an incredible amount of stress. In this case, their seizure was exactly what they needed. The seizure itself may have seemed scary, but it no event is it the problem. This is why most who suffer from seizures feel better after a seizures. The real issues are the stressors leading to the seizure. Synthetic chemicals and additives that we find in food, drugs, smoking, heavy metal toxins from our tap water supplies and toothpaste, petrochemicals in the air we breathe, etc. (the list goes on for quite some time but I will spare you). Most of these chemicals go to the stomach first. The few that do not store themselves in the lungs, and the lungs actually perform the great task of carrying toxicity out of the stomach.

So, what we are dealing with currently is a population of individuals who have stomachs that work hardly at all. The people you hear of in the media that die of bacterially contaminated food batches are people who make no stomach acid. Remember, stomach acid kills anything it comes into contact with, and bacteria are certainly living things. Our culture, more than any other health issues in the body, is suffering from incredibly inefficient stomachs. That would be the global diagnosis I would give if I were asked to do so. We are seeing a generation of individuals who are living longer, yes, but the quality of life is incredibly compromised. I see people as they reach their 70s and 80s on 8-9 different medications to combat side effect after side effect of other drugs they are currently on. For the most part, over consumption of pharmaceutical drugs deplete stomach acid and put an incredible amount of strain on the liver, your body's detoxification machine. We have a population, thus, of inefficient, toxic stomachs. So Reid, what can we do about it?

Four Major Tips for Raising Stomach Function (i.e. Boosting your immune system, nervous system, digestive system, etc.)

  1. Stimulate ST-36 points on both legs. I have posted a picture to help you find where these points are. Since the stomach meridian is most active from 7-9 am, try to rub these points for a few minutes each early in the morning. By doing so you are releasing emotional and physical toxicity from the stomach. Since the stomach meridian runs down the legs and into the feet, make sure to stretch your legs before or after you stimulate the points in order to open up the meridian channels to let out the energy you just released. Grounding outside for a few minutes after this procedure will also help as the Earth's natural inward gravitational pull will expedite the process of energetic detoxification into the feet.
  2. Drink a quality water source throughout the day, preferably distilled water. This will help to pull out the physical toxins your are releasing from your ST-36 point stimulation.
  3. The meridians are the energy lymphatics of the body. The only way to move lymphatics is to move your body. Make some sort of cardio routine a priority every single day to move those meridians and get that toxicity out of your stomach.
  4. Drink about 1-2 teaspoons of sunflower seed or wheat germ oil every single morning upon awaking and before bed on an empty stomach. This will help to heal the stomach lining and calm inflammation from years of toxic load.


Awaken the Healer #5: How Emotional Stress Creates Disease

In today's post I'd like to harp quite seriously on the effects that chronic, unresolved emotional stress has on the body. This article is dedicated towards showing you the subtle mechanisms behind how a conscious emotional event that is buried and pushed down deep into the subconscious mind has a devastating, gnawing effect on our bodies. I would also like to point out that any time I refer to the mind I am also referring to the body. Thus, when we bury emotional stress deep into our subconscious mind we bury that energy into the tissues of our body. Quantum science shows us that not only are our bodies holographic in nature (meaning every component represents the entire whole infinitely), but so too is the Universe in which we reside. Every single living thing has an effect on everything in the entire Universe. Whether that statement blows your mind too much to the point of disbelief is more up to your acceptance of that fact rather than its credibility. Think of the entire Universe as one giant, throbbing life form of Intelligence in which we are beautiful manifestations or devolvements of that Intelligence.


From basic science we know that energy in our Universe is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply transferred or manifested in a different form. For example, we can take a pot of water and light a flame underneath the pot, infusing heat into the water and thus bringing it to a boil over a short period of time. As the water boils it seemingly reduces in quantity but this is not the case as we all know that the water simply changes form, releasing as gaseous water vapor into the surrounding atmosphere.

Similarly, we can liken this situation to the human body. However, we must first understand that the emotions we experience are energy forms and how these forms can manifest as imbalances in the body if not accounted for. Our quantum science demonstrates to use that everything in our Universe, at some fundamental level, is simply energy. This energy, when broken down enough, eventually reduces to a frequency or sound. Every single atom, molecule, macromolecular structure, etc., in the Universe is inherently an intertwining of sound frequencies that solidify and manifest in our three dimensional world in which we live as some form of objective matter. Emotional experiences actually create frequency shifts in the cellular and DNA matter of our bodies, as demonstrated in quantum experimentation. Thus, since frequency is the root of all energy, emotions are simply energetic experiences of the world around us. In short, when we experience an emotional state, our bodies are resonating at the frequency level of that emotion, or very close to it (since there are other mechanisms energetically at play in the body an emotional experience will bring the body's overall vibratory state close but not entirely to that of the emotional state being experienced). 

Every single cell in our body has its own inherent frequency state. It is now known that different tissues even have their own collective frequency resonances as well. Understanding that every emotion that we currently understand has its own inherent frequency, and that each cell of the body (which is the basic unit of life) has its own frequency, it is clear to see how buried emotional experiences can begin to affect the natural frequencies of the body's tissues. 

Let me provide an example. Let's pretend there is a woman named Susan who is currently 47 years old, but at age 7 suffered the experience of her parents separating. The mother retained primary custody of Susan and both subsequently moved to a new state to start a new life together. At the time, Susan was completely shattered inside by this sudden twist of fate that seemed to wrench her right into a reality she was not ready to face emotionally. She moved with her mother and began her new life but found herself unable to cope with the concept of her parents no longer living together to support her, and thus she buried this voice deep within herself subconsciously in order to protect her fragile state. Years and years passed since this burial and she went about her new life with her head held high. She graduated high school and college with full honors and scholarships, accepted a position at a well to do firm and started a family of her own in her mid 30s. Today, hypothetically, she is in to see me and has revealed to me that two days prior every single muscle in her body is tender to the touch. She also reveals that for 10 years now she has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis of the ankles and wrists.

In Susan's case, she experienced a traumatic emotional event at a young age. The particular emotion she described experiencing was extreme anguish, a negative emotion that has a very low vibratory frequency. Before I continue I will clear one thing. Positive emotional states such as love, hope, gratitude, confidence, etc., all have high vibratory resonances. This is why we refer to someone with positive energy as being vibrant because their vibratory frequency is so high it can literally be felt by those around them. Someone who is suffering from negative energy we might term depressed because, quite simply, their vibratory resonance is quite low or 'depressed' in nature. Back to Susan. This low vibratory anguish state she experienced was buried subconsciously because she was unable to process this emotion at the time considering her need to continue on with her busy young life. Since energy is neither created nor destroyed this emotional energy stored itself in the tissues of her body. Since anguish relates very closely with the lung meridian of the body, and this meridian runs down through the hands, this energy began to create blockages and stagnation in this meridian. Think of a river. Whenever there is stagnation in a river the waves begin to become choppy and not in sync. Our bodies have massive rivers termed meridians that simply move energy from one points to another, as rivers move water in the form of waves.

Meridians cross joints and joints are very similar to nodal points or pocket areas in the energy system. Since the body would rather dispose of stagnant energy in a joint as opposed to something more crucial like an organ, the body intelligently disposes this stagnant anguish energy into the wrist joints (as the lung meridian runs over the wrist) and creates an inflammatory event. This inflammatory event we then call rheumatoid arthritis and promptly place such individuals on drugs that destroy the immune system in order to manage it. In addition, since higher emotions are expansile in quality and lower emotions are constricting in quality, negative energy moves downward and will manifest itself in the hips, legs, feet, etc. As Susan had not recognized or come to terms with thus energy for 40 years, this energy has been looping around in her body chaotically and throwing off natural energy resonances inherent to the body for four decades. This is how emotional energy can create disease.

Now, as with every post I create I also aim to provide the reader with information they can begin to use immediately for their own unique health situation. The forehead contains the master emotional points of the body, and there are two both centered in the middle of the forehead one directly over each eye. Stimulation of these points will calm nerves and reset emotional energy in the body. Consider what a person normally does when confronted with a stressful situation, such as a car accident. The person's hand immediately goes to their forehead. This is one example of how our bodies subconsciously perform tasks for us in our every day life to help us cope with emotional stress. So, stimulation of these points daily is critical to managing emotional stress. In addition, there are two energy points just below the knee on the outside of the shin called Stomach 36 points. Move around this area on both legs and you will find a very tender spot. Stimulate these points in addition every single day, morning being the best time. If you utilize these two approaches I have shown you you are on your way toward eliminating emotional baggage that is interfering with your body's natural resonant state of Beauty.

Awaken the Healer #4: A New Healing Perspective

Once again, YOUR BODY IS SO FREAKING COOL. It is a divine machine full of infinite potential. Think of healing in this way:

Picture your entire body as Light. Then imagine that in every single thing that you do throughout your day that this Light is seamlessly whole with your physical body, which is what we are able to see. Every single imbalance, whether it be structural, emotional, ya da ya da, manifests as a darkened spot in this Light body and prevents you from fully embodying this vibrant potential. In effect, each imbalance proportionally reduces your ability to live in the NOWness of your life. As these imbalances are made aware and removed, the corresponding darkened area will now be filled with Light. In this way you are re-constructing your Light body. This Light holds all the records, memory, past, present, future, all instructions for every single cell and process in your body RIGHT NOW. Imagine how miraculous it is when this Lightness is working in FULL POTENTIAL without restriction. This is what healing is. Healing is releasing repressed Divinity ALREADY INSIDE YOU.

Please spread my message of empowerment if these words speak to you, especially for those in search of their answers to health, to those who spend many arduous nights accepting and living with pain that they have been trained to accept due to lack of knowledge and education about the true inner workings of their own human body. Slave no more to your ship. A true Captain knows better than anyone on Earth his ship, his conduit for his journey. Be your own Captain and rediscover your Potential.