Within You, A Great Healer Awaits.


Reid Etter, DC

My passion for the healing arts began at a very young age when I began to see the connection and unity in all things, yet the ways of living I perceived all around me did not harmonize with this conception.

When I was ten years of age I began to experience incredible amounts of anxiety, panic, and ravaging feelings of isolation and claustrophobia. For the better part of my young life I spent my time in chasms of gut wrenching fear and self destruction, seeking ways to breathe again but finding myself gasping for empty air. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Pure Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a 'disease' that primarily involves intrusive, racing thoughts that destroy a person in every aspect from within.

As a young boy my weekends consisted of visiting with my psychotherapist, acupuncturist, medical doctor, osteopathist, cranial sacral therapist, and EEG specialist, amongst many others. My health and state of mind would fluctuate between tolerable and unbearable, counting the days towards a place of hope that I held in my heart but seeing no clear path toward that horizon where my freedom lived.

I spent the better part of 15 years living in this way, spending a majority of my time visiting with various physicians to help elucidate my imbalances and hopefully heal my afflicted mind and body. It was at a point in 2013, the year that I enrolled in chiropractic school, that I decided I would take control of my health and heal my burden, regardless of the difficulty or the cost. I sensed within myself a growing strength and I began to spend every waking moment researching the wisdom of the ancient healers, the Christ and Buddha figures that I had always felt so deeply connected to yet unsure as to why.

Slowly I began to embody the knowledge of the anatomy of the body, the delicate intricacies of the biochemical pathways that sustain nutritional life, the emotional energy circuits that course through each life form like pulsating veins; I began to see the Spirit that animated each life form purposefully, that there was a message to be found within the Beauty of the body and the discoveries along this path that would ultimately lead to my salvation.

Music has always been a dear passion. All life in the Universe reduces to particular frequencies; since music is intrinsically a series of frequencies it speaks to the cellular level of every Being; thus, music is the Universal Language. It bridges all barriers and in its unifying power is a powerful healing agent.

As I learned, I soon came to understand the limitations of our modern systemized approached towards restoring health to the body. I pondered to myself: 'I have seen every possible physician it seems upon Earth, yet not one of them has discovered the answer to my suffering, the answer to my healing, the answer to give me Life again. How can this be so?'

We are living in a time of amnesia, of ultimate misunderstanding and falsification of Truth. Upon the backs of our food supply we see synthetic, lifeless chemicals with complex titles, systems convincing us to enslave our minds and precious time to 9 - 5 jobs in the name of a man made construct called money, and untold amounts of toxins and drugs taken daily to turn down our body's cries for help (symptoms) and suppress our abilities to truly heal by failing to look deeper at the cause of illness. To heal, I realized that I needed to integrate all aspects of the healing I had experienced.

In this time of great untruth, join me in your great Quest for Truth; because within You, a Great Healer awaits to be awoken.


books to open your mind

  • 'The Divine Matrix' by Gregg Braden
  • 'The Standing Stones Speak' by Natasha Hoffman
  • 'Ishmael' by David Quinn

quotes to expand your thought

'You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.'       -Galileo Galilei

'Physician, heal thyself.'     -Jesus Christ

'The mind, once stretched, never returns to its original dimensions.'       -Ralph Waldo Emerson

'An eye for an eye will leave the world blind'.       -Ghandi

'The man who uses solely his five senses to make sense of his world is the man with no sense at all.'        -Reid Etter


Discover What It Truly Means to Heal.




Total Body Modification

'What made the body can heal the body'     -Victor Frank, TBM Founder

Total Body Modification, or TBM, is a kinesiological technique that utilizes the wisdom of the body via the muscular system to provide vital information of a person's state of health to a practitioner. It operates upon the understanding that the body has the incredible ability to heal itself, and each individual is a unique world of anatomy, biochemistry, spirituality and energy. Thus, each aspect of the person is taken into account since all are intrinsically dependent upon one another for total balance and resonant harmony. TBM is truly a tool for empowerment, a system focused fundamentally upon restoring ultimate health while using creative means to do so. For a brief video introduction to TBM, please view the adjacent video.



Neuro Emotional Technique

'The body weeps the tears the eyes refuse to shed.'

Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET, is a kinesiological technique that seeks to access emotional imbalances in the human body and to eliminate them with efficiency and delicacy. Much of our science, particularly quantum science, has slowly begun to uncover one of the greatest secrets that the ancients knew all along: our bodies become our beliefs. Basically, every single cell within our body has its own energetic frequency; this determines the overall health and performance of the cell, which is the fundamental unit of life. In our modern age, we find ourselves inundated with incredible amounts of stress, and this stress, when unaccounted for, can settle within the body and create imbalance. NET utilizes the body's wisdom to locate emotional disturbances and to remove them in order to restore ultimate performance and function.


Nutritional Response Testing

'If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it.'

Nutritional Response Testing, or NRT, is a kinesiological technique that is used to find and detect priority nutritional imbalances within the body. Unfortunately, poor farming methods and utilization of various chemical fertilizers have created a vastly nutritionally depleted food epidemic. What at one point our ancestors could cure their afflictions with their food, in modern times our lack of a nutrient viable food supply has resulted in widespread nutritional imbalance that makes the healing by food concept a much more formidable task. Each and every cell relies upon basic building blocks from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and nucleic acids that we glean in our diets in order to maintain a resonant state of balance. NRT seeks to determine specific nutritional imbalances and address them with small doses of highly concentrated nutritional supplementation to reverse and ultimately restore Light back to a body in darkness. For a valuable resource demonstrating the basics of the technique, please view the video provided above.


Quantum Reflex Analysis

'The ultimate job of the physician is to cure rapidly, gently, and permanently.'     -Samuel Hahnemann

Quantum Reflex Analysis, or QRA, is a kinesiological technique that operates at the quantum energy level to unravel the layers of imbalance within a patient's body and arrive at the Core Truth of their disease (disease phonetically breaks down into 'dis' and 'ease', which means a 'lack of ease' or stress to the body). QRA recognizes that emotional and chemical toxicity are the precursors for nearly all disease, and thus determines appropriate measures to eliminate such toxicity from the body in order to transform it from a state of disease to ease. When we live in ease we live in health. As a river flows so too do we flow, ever expanding and ever moving. When our rivers begin to dam and cease to flow we experience the language of the body, what we term a symptom. Release toxicity and discover that the language of your body becomes not one of alarm but one of peace and warmth. Treat your body well and it too will treat you well.



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